Weekends are for selling

I titled this post as weekends are for selling as we had a flurry of activity this past weekend. I was starting to get a little frustrated at the amount of furniture around our house that was still for sale, but as Laura reminds me, everything sells!

One of Laura and my favorite shows is Shark Tank which, if you ask Mark Cuban what is important he would say getting out there and selling!

Selling furniture is like fishing in that you do some work, but most of the time, you are just waiting to catch a lead. We are still learning and adapting as to the best way to make a sale.

The World is Good

So I wanted to share a personal note before diving into our furniture flipping world. My son, who is 4, cries almost every night as he wants real friends and not stuffed animals. I share this because whether we are young or old, all of us are affected by the pandemic. Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter as we are being pushed to hate each other.

One of the things I have enjoyed most about furniture flipping is the vastly different types of people we meet, and I can say we have yet to have a bad experience. All of the people have been overjoyed about a piece of furniture. It’s great to meet truly amazing and awesome people.

Covid has isolated us and has made it difficult to not get caught up in the problems of the world. We just need to remember that we should only focus on what we can control and trust that it will work out as there are truly awesome and amazing people in this world. America is the greatest country in the world and we all need to be thankful to have the opportunity to even live here!

With that God Bless America and I wish you and your family the best. Without further sidetracking back to furniture flipping below!

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we sold 5 items! A few of these are pretty cool stories, so read on! Some items were purchased in my last post, “Going Official.

The very first item we sold was actually to my sister. She bought the chairs from the set in the picture above. We knew the chairs were crate and barrel but didn’t realize how expensive they were. My sister was so excited she texted, messaged, and called me to claim dibs. She was surprised we actually sold something other than vintage.

Next, we sold two sideboards. Honestly, the first one was super easy as we delivered it to a really nice couple 10 mins away and their son helped unload it!

 The second sideboard actually had some more scratches and dings than we had noticed previously! Sometimes cleaning older furniture actually shows more minor damage than hide it.

Anyways Laura (my wife) was nervous that the people coming to our house from 45min away were going to be upset about the sideboard. Well….. It turns out that the couple had their own side hustle business which is Silver City Mobile Taproom. They were buying the sideboard to convert it into a really classy keg dispenser to be used at weddings which I cannot wait to see what it looks like!  

Weekends are for selling, Invest like Dad, Silver City Mobile Taproom

I want to give some love to Silver City Mobile Taproom. The husband and wife team are amazing. They discovered that after having their two daughters married, there is no great choice for having booze at a wedding.

They found a need and created a business. Based on what they said, it appears even in a pandemic; they have 10 bookings for 2021 already!!! I wish them nothing but the best!

The last two items are a ratton chair and ottoman & a Danish vanity; if you don’t know what Ratton style is, well, it’s green money! Ratton furniture is a bamboo style furniture that sells for bank. We sold the chair and ottoman we picked up at Good Will and sold it for a 92% profit. The Danish Vanity we sold for a 30% profit.

Flipping Business Update

Hard to believe we have already sold 24 pieces of furniture in a little over a month. We are getting better and better as we learn. We have figured out what to buy and where to buy it which has really helped our turnaround times.

The other thing that will help us long term is that we are building out a Facebook business page as well as a website. Our business is called Thrift Unearthed!

The most important factor in helping us succeed is that Laura and I enjoy what we are doing and do it together. We both have different skills that complement each other!

Laura knows certain markets and styles that I will never understand as I apparently have no taste! She is super skilled in staging and making the furniture look great! I am a risk-taker who is willing to fill our house with furniture with the hope of selling it! Then I move the furniture around so working out is part of the job

Next Steps

Last night was another auction that we won two lots. We will be picking them up tonight as well as bidding on some more items at another auction. I will update what we won in another post once I get some pictures!

Another post will have a review of my wife’s customer service skills, which for the record, she was not happy to see was on my list of things to write about!

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