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Welcome to Invest with Dad! I am Andrew and utterly new to Blogging! You will get to read and learn about finance/investing as well as some about Blogging! I hope you enjoy it!

  • Summary
    • New to Blogging – No idea what I am doing
    • Bella is my Editor in Chief
    • Trying to build an amazing website and wondering if anyone will read it

Random & Clueless's Editor in Chief
Bella my Editor in Chief

I am taking the deep dive into blogging with no experience or any idea of what I am doing! I think that defines new to blogging LOL! What could go wrong? Well, let’s ignore the fact no one might read this and focus on the fun I will have. Plus, my editor in chief loves hanging out with me in the basement. So let’s get into why I decided to start the blog and what it will be about. Full disclosure, I tend to jump from topic to topic in real life (legit ADD), so this will probably continue to be an exciting mix of randomly connected issues around investing this blog and my family.


During the COVID-19 crisis, I have found that time is something I have way too much of. I love my family, but having three kids under 3 requires an outlet that is not watching Paw Patrol! So I decided to be productive with my time and build this website about investing & trying to make a successful website. The idea is to write about me suffering through learning both about investing and Word Press (this is the content editor for the website). I am not new to investing but looking to learn and share more about researching new opportunities. The first few posts may be more about getting adjusted to blogging as I have so much to learn.


As I write this post, I have revised it a few times already to try and make it SEO friendly. Things an experienced blogger probably knows, but I have been googling just about every error to figure out what needs to be fixed.

My favorite error right now that Yoast SEO is yelling at me about is that I am not using the critical phase enough, which is an I am new to blogging. I almost feel like changing my crucial aspect to “What to feel dumb? Then try to learn Word Press!” As usual, I got a little sidetracked again. Let’s get back on track!

Motivation to Start a Blog

Did you know there are more than 150 million blogs on the internet today. A new blog post is created every .5 seconds. So why in the world would anyone read my blog? That is pretty much the conversation my wife had with me! But I also know there are 7.53 billion people, so I have an excellent chance to find a few of them!

What got me over the hump, or is it even worth the effort to start a blog, was from Grant. I found some blog posts from Grant, who is the owner of He ran an excellent and informative website and wrote about his success story of building it from nothing just four years ago. One of the things I want to do on my site is reaching out to different experts and see if I can convince them to provide some insight and thoughts on getting a blog started as well as investment research! Hell, I will try to get Grant to answer some questions and see if he responds! Stay tuned!

It’s on like Donkey Kong

competition with wife on blogging -

On a completely random side note, my wife thinks I am crazy, and no one will read any of my posts! Was this comment met with wanna bet? Thus a competition between us was born to see who can create the more profitable side hustle by 4/1/21. I will not lose, so please help me out and be engaged!

As a quick side note, I find it funny all the images from Getty have the wife or lady knocking out the guy… I will still win this competition

Full Disclosure

With the knowledge that my wife will never read this website, I can fully admit that learning how to create and modify content on WordPress is not an easy task! I have spent hours getting this website barely acceptable, in my opinion. Then the next thought kicks in of will anyone read this and will I just invest endless hours and prove my wife write that I can’t do this…..Only time will tell, but I will not lose! So feel free to leave a comment below with ideas or support! You can also make fun of me, I do not get offended easily, and at least someone read it, right?

NEW TOPICS? You ask, I write!

If you have any of you want me to research something and write about it, please let me know! Anything investing or money related is incredible! Also, if you’re going to hear more about my competition with my wife, I can make sure I keep you updated on that too! It appears she may be working on photography, building teacher presentations for online learning, or furniture restoration.

Last but not least once you submit a comment go to the about me page to read more about me!

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