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Unfortunately, I cannot predict the future, but neither can anyone else. Therefore I avoid any predictions of what the future could hold for the markets, different investments, or the overall economy. If I do speculate on something in the future again, that is solely my opinion (it may be right or wrong). While past performance is helpful for analysis, it is not an indicator of future results. Any historical data found on InvestLikeDad.com is for the sole purpose of explaining what has happened in the past to help construct a framework for how to view the present situation and thus make informed decisions about the future.

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All of us have biases that affect our investment decisions. We all also make mistakes. I make mistakes all the time and even will share with you when an investment does not work out as expected; it happens. Just remember that you make and are responsible for your own decisions and mistakes. InvestLikeDad.com, Andrew Geisel, and its guests are in no way responsible for the investments that you decided to invest in. You need to do your homework after reading InvestLikeDad.com or any other information that you use to make an investment, financial, or life decisions. You know your current circumstances better than anyone.


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