About Me

Who is behind Invest Like Dad

Hello & welcome to Invest Like Dad!  I am Andrew Geisel, and I founded Invest Like Dad.  I love talking about money and investing! Anything you want to talk about just ask!

I am aiming to replace my income by starting different businesses or investments which will allow me to be my own boss and not work 9-5 in the traditional sense.

Invest Like Dad Goals

The goal of the site is pretty simple as it only has two goals:

  1. Hold myself accountable on my financial journey and ensure I am working towards being a successful business owner. 
  2. Motivate at least one other person to do something outside of their comfort zone to better themself financially.

My Background

I should have been a finance major and worked on wall street, but I have a unique background that started with working on ships, transitioned to working for the government, and now working in the financial services industry. I live in Maryland with an amazing wife and three kids, two dogs, and a turtle. 

This site is more like a family to help us all improve and be better.

Financial Advice or Investment Advise

I am not a business expert or investment advisor! This site is all about things that I am doing and interested in to provide motivation, ideas, and/or education to my readers for their entertainment. No one should take anything I say on the site as a financial recommendation. You need to do your own research or consult a licensed and qualified individual. 

My Promise to You

Any recommendations I make are my honest feelings and not driven by the fact I am just trying to make money. 


If I recommend a product, I will try to use it and give an honest review…..this also is why I have to explain I have like seven brokerage accounts.  How can I review the products and services I have not used?

How To Contact Me?

Feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

I will try to respond quickly to your email! The more you engage with other investors and learn the better you will be in the long run!


Side note if my grammer is not up to par, I might have to get a better editor as Bella is the only willing one to sit in the basement with me when I work on this early in the morning. See my partner in crime below:

If your a fellow blogger or writer and would like to have your content posted on my site please check out my Guest Post Submission Page.

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